Joe Byrd has been involved in ATV Racing for over 31 years. With multiple amateur championships and 2 AMA/ATVA National Pro titles, his triumps did not come without injury. Joe has had several serious injuries over the years, but when its something you have such a strong passion for and love so dearly, you keep on trucking!
Owner, Racer & CEO
Malerie Byrd 
Assistant to Joe Byrd

Malerie has been involved in the racing scene with Joe since 2013. Without having much MX knowledge before meeting Joe, she has been very willing to learn the field and jump right in. Malerie travels with Joe to all the AMA ATVA PRO National Races and assists him at most schools he teaches. She loves traveling the world with him and meeting new people and different cultures. She helps Joe with all business ventures; from Riding School to BTF to Flipping Houses, to Joe's new love and passion Byrd Aviation INC.  She is a Pediatric Nurse by trade and misses that, but loves the challenge of learning new thinks and being out of her comfort zone. 

Joe Byrd has been involved in ATV Racing for over 32 years, this 2018 Race Season will be his 33rd year racing ATV's. Joe turned 45 in November and is looking to be the oldest Pro to ever podium.  2016 was supposed to be his Retirement year but after getting hurt practicing before Ironman, those plans changed and he spent the remainder of the year having multiple procedures and 2 major neck surgeries in Miami, Florida. Joe's most recent surgery was on November 16th 2016 and he's hopeful for a speedy recovery and anxious to swing his leg back over the seat. 

 With multiple Amateur Championships and 2 AMA/ATVA National Pro titles, his triumphs did not come without injury. Joe has had several serious injuries over the years, including broken ankles, shattered heals, broken collar bone, back, wrists and everything in between. Though this would have permanently landed many competitors on the sidelines, Joe rose above these injuries and went on to win his first Pro Title in 2006 and also became the first ever AMA NATIONAL PRO CHAMPION in 2007. Not only does Joe have a passion for racing, he also has a love for teaching others safer riding techniques, which he has done since 1993. Joe has taught as many as 300 riders in a single year. He has traveled to Argentina, Australia, Estonia, France, Ushuaia,and most states throught the United States. Many riders have traveled from across the world to train and get schooling with the BEST Teacher out there. Joe has had people from Finland, Sweden, Portugual, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Lativia, England, Russia, and many other countires to attend his schools, which teach everything from diet and nutrtion to bike set up and every aspect of riding on a track, Cross country, or TT. The schools have been an integral part of Joe's career. He has met so many amazing people that have followed him throughout his racing season for many years, including many lifetime friends have came from Joes schools. In his schools it gives him the oppourtunity to share his racing experiences with other hopeful riders and watch them excel and mature as racers. It's one of the most rewarding parts of his job. After racing for most of his life, Joe is still as dedicated to get back on top of the podium, especially with 2017 being his retirement year.







  • 1982- (May 13th) Got first 3 wheeler 

  • 1986- Started Racing 3 Wheelers 

  • 1986- Raced 4 Wheelers as well

  • 1990- Started Racing in Pro 4 Wheeler Class 

  • 1995- Won 1st Pro National Race

  • 2006- First AMA PRO ATVA MX CHAMPION in ATV History 

  • 2007- AMA National Pro Champion

  • 2008- 2nd Place AMA National Pro Champion

  • 2009- 2nd Place AMA National Pro Champion

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