Joe Byrd Quad Riding School 
is the first step you will need to take in order to learn all the skills and safety required to be proficent in ATV Riding and/or Racing. Joe requires a 2 day group or 2 day private lessons before moving onto BTF, which stands for BYRD Training Facility. In Joe's school you will learn jumps, starts, passing, blocking, quad set-up, diet, nutrtion, basic exercises that are related to quad riding, whoops and much more.
BYRD Training Facility "BTF"
is the 2nd step Joe recommends. This step really helps make a rider faster and more "fine tuned'. This is the same service Joe offered to many of his Sponsored Team Riders over the years and he recently opened it up to the general public. During this training Joe will train you in and out of the gym and moto with you and/or evaluate you motoing. He will make notes of your strenghts and weaknesses and give you ideas on how to improve. He will also show you where you are losing time and help you make each lap faster and stay with that stamina. He will help you be able to have longer endurance when racing/riding the track, trails, TT and XC Laps. 
The Championship can be yours!

Our goal at Joe Byrd Quad Riding School is to make you a faster and safer rider in a minimal amount of time. Joe's been in the quad racing business for 33 years, he knows all the ins and outs. Let him help you save time and money on purchasing correct parts, preventing mistakes, and proper training. He can sky rocket you to the next level a whole lot faster than you can on your own. Learn from "The Professor", the FIRST and ORIGINAL QUAD Training Teacher , and called by many overseas "The QuadFather".

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